For this activity you will need a variety of craft supplies, including but not limited to: cardboard, cardstock, paper cups, tape, scissors, glue, etc. First, you should refresh the students’ memories on what they did in previous activities, including the average ideal height that they found in Activity 2. Have them set up the Control Panel, Magnet and Coil as they have done in previous Activities and allow them to play with them for a few minutes.


Before they begin building have them all change the Control Panel to the Purple Mode, clicking the Yellow Button four times (cycling through Red, Yellow, and Green). Purple Mode plays a sample song through the Coil and the Magnet. Tell the students to move the Coil at different heights above the Magnet and listen to how it effects the music. Discuss with them that the same ideal height that they found in the last Activity should produce the loudest and clearest music, just as it produced the strongest vibrations before. Explain that the music they are hearing is actually the same vibrations, just at a much higher frequency. The volume of the music can be adjusted using the Yellow Slider.

Call the students’ attention to the front and show them the materials they have to work with. Tell them that their task for this lesson is to create a speaker that will amplify the volume music from the Magnet and Coil using just the craft supplies that you have provided. Instruct them that they should be using the ideal height that they found in the last Activity to make their speaker sound as clear as possible, but beyond that they can design their speaker however they think is best. The design should hold the Coil and Magnet in the position without the student holding them. Instruct them to use the Purple Mode to test how their speaker sounds as they build it and adjust it as needed.  To simplify this design process there are paper speaker templates in the Download section that can be distributed to each student.


Once they have built their speakers ask them about how the music sounds. Does it sound louder? Why? Tell them that the reason that the music sounds louder when the Magnet and Coil are in a speaker is that the sound waves bounce off of the inside of the speaker and reflect out through a specific exit, rather than just dispersing in every direction. (BETTER EXPLAINATION NEEDED)


BONUS: If you have access to a 3.5mm Audio Cable, the students can plug the Audio Cable into the port labeled “AUX” on the back of the Control Panel and listen to their own music through the speaker they have built. When the Audio Cable is plugged in the Purple Mode will become the Blue Mode, and the Coil and Magnet will play whatever music is playing on the connected device. The volume can be adjusted using the Yellow Slider.


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