Now that students have gone through all activities 1-3, the remainder of the BOSEbuild kit can be handed out to the students, EXCLUDING the sensors.  


There are 40 clips in each kit but each student only needs 24 to assemble their speaker. Only hand out 24 clips to each student and hold the rest in reserve in case some get lost or misplaced.  


Instruct the students to plug in the wire attached to the back of the Speaker Face to the Control Panel and assemble the remaining faces around those two by snapping on 2 clips per edge.  Now that the speaker is built, the music from the Purple Mode should be playing more loudly (volume is controlled with the slider on the Control Panel).  Is this louder than the DIY speaker? Why?

Yes, the BOSEbuild Speaker is louder and that is because while the Speaker Panel works the same way as the paper/cardboard speaker, the speaker in the BOSEbuild Speaker cube has a much larger and stronger magnet, a much more powerful coil of wire with more turns, and a well designed stiff, but light, paper cone.  At this point remind the students that the inside of the speaker works just the same as the Magnet and Coil from the previous stages where the vibrations at different frequencies between the two are what cause for the sound to be made

Feel free to have a short quiz or discussion to reinforce what was learned in the past activities, specifically what was learned about sound waves and magnets.


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